5 year old rapping!!! (Hunt Them Down)BABY KAELY,… willow smith, justin bieber, selena gomez

Click to Subscribe! Kool Kidz Forever! http://bit.ly/SAslwP People people people!! do you just not want to believe this little girl is doing this?? lol if you watch all her vids you will…

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  • Alycia 2Pretty says:

    I love you baby kealy

  • Nyasia Henson says:

    Don’t you guys love her

  • Sumayah Swinson says:

    She is lip syncing! 

  • Hope Goodwin says:

    yah she has an awesome voice for a 5 year old

  • aimaya drummond says:

    She not even raping

  • winter johnson says:

    This stuipd dump little girl was on Disney channel only thing she dose is
    rap when have she ever made a album ?????

  • Alexis gray says:

    Love it didn’t hear me smile smile smile I hope you have a good day I know
    you’re 5 or something and this one but I know you’re I don’t know how old
    you are now but you’re so good and singing

  • Mia Lawrence says:

    Her songs are good, but she looks like she lipsandg

  • Sydni Smith says:

    I love you baby

  • betzaida nevarez says:

    baby kealy you are so ugly and your not the best all town and all around

  • Alyce Goodridge says:

    She can rap I have a 4 year old sister that wants to be just like.

  • Marialuisa Santiago says:

    I love you baby kealy I want to see

  • Lyric Hester says:

    I love the beat baby Kelly I love you as bff

  • Morgan Rawls says:

    U people talking bad about her going to hell because shes a cute amazing
    girl and ur talk

  • Cambria Howard says:

    Y’all are being stupid this little girl rocks your giving this little girl
    a bad bad bad example

  • cutie pie says:

    awwww she was so little and cute but shes so big now love u baby kaley and
    whos watching 2015 i am

  • Raquel Jernigan says:

    U sounded so good when u were 5

  • Andre Hunter says:

    she got the power

  • Nimaris Thompson says:


  • Moka Akashiya says:

    anyone eles notice she lip sinks?….. just wondering…

  • space quriil says:

    This is way better than drake,2 chains totally way better than any of those

  • Tina Cheek says:


  • Lexus Mulkey says:

    All of u are haters this little girl has more nerve than u ever will so
    stop being cyber bullies 

  • jamie smith says:

    O.m.g i want to be you 

  • gosa aibangbee says:

    soo cute tooo cute aww love her

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