Baby Games For Girls

Babies have a way of melting hearts. They are cute, cuddly and kissable. Their giggles and chubby cheeks make you smile and the tiny clothes they wear only add to their adorable look. Children and adults are drawn to babies and the fun that is had when dressing them up. Several games are available online that enable players to dress up a baby, providing for limitless entertainment.
While many dress up games are geared toward children, there are many that are suitable for all ages. Games found on kid-friendly sites generally have limited advertisements and feature basic options and larger fonts. Sites for older users give more mature options and expansive accessory lists. Some sites take baby dress up games to another level by creating “virtual babies” where players can not only dress their baby, but can look after a baby from birth to school.
Baby dress up games enable a player to select items for the baby to wear. Many of the games that are designed for children teach about weather and weather-appropriate clothing while the child dresses the baby. A background is selected or provided and the player decides on the most suitable apparel. Clothing options typically include underwear, T-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, shorts, bathing suits and outerwear. The tiny options for keeping a baby comfortable make baby dress up games fun for all.
In addition to the clothing options, baby dress up games include accessories to complete the baby’s look. Winter accessories include items such as hats, scarves, mittens and boots. Popular summer options include sunglasses, sun hats, flip flops, sandals, umbrellas and beach towels. Accessories for spring primarily include options for protecting the baby in inclement weather, such as rain gear. Fall selections sometimes provide options for dressing the baby up for Halloween. Masks, wands, swords and fairy wings help complete a selected costume.

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