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Everybody loves cookies. Especially children can’t resist sweet’s taste. Kids very often ask their mother to prepare a cake only for them. But, this is not a…
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Talking Twin Babies – PART 2 – OFFICIAL VIDEO Subscribe to our channel: Twin baby boys have a conversation part 2. find more of the boys’ adventures at my wife’s blog….
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  • KidsGamesON says:
  • Klate Wilson says:

    They really do seem like they’re having a conversation and understanding
    each other.

  • LastDayStudios says:

    14k dislikes!!???

    There are some fucking MISERABLE people in this world to dislike a baby

    I mean wow.. That’s fucking low

  • Hamza Khan says:

    The coversation is about, the first baby is saying “DADADADA” but the 2nd
    is like ” DADADADADAD” but after arguing both agrees on “DADADADADA”.

  • tatli meleyim says:


  • Will AK-47 Spraying AWP Quickscoper Huang 9mm Glock says:

    god bless these 2 boys.. evolution can not explain this

  • Teresa Kesterson says:

    Baby 1: I’m gonna get my ice cream baby 2: OH NO ITS MINE ALL THE ICECREAM
    OPEN THE FRIDGE????? baby 1: I DUNNO YOU OPEN IT /END btw I’m on my mom’s

  • neidexmusic says:

    These kids don’t have any idea what the fuck they’re talking about. They
    definitely need to work on they’re arguing skills cause this is simply

  • myungsoo kim says:

    What language ! This is like a legit language humans speak before learning

  • Jennifer jen says:

    Talking Twin Babies –
    So so cute…..

  • René Anderson says:

    Das Gespräch geht weiter ;-))

  • Joy sengupta says:

    Talking Twin Babies – PART 2 – OFFICIAL VIDEO:

  • Buchele Walid says:

    Guten morgen, das ist einfach cool aber nur wenn das Sprache bildlich etwas
    deutlich das ist fantastisch

  • Kimberly Bracken says:

    Anybody that thinks the kids are pathetic they are I think it awesome

  • Pikachu Gaming says:

    This is so cute 😀 I just think its so sad that someone changed it into
    gangster voices -.- (Not this video, one called Mafia Babies) ;-;

  • Pujo Cahyono says:

    PART 2

    Komunikasi dan berdialog sederhana. Apa dibalik pembicaraan mereka?. Ini
    semua semoga menjadi pembelajaran buat kita…

  • ToysHD says:

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  • upgrader99 says:

    @ 1:33 you can see where the baby realizes the adult can’t understand him
    and goes back talking to the one who can.

  • Shekar Reddy says:

    Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da ???

  • محمد حبيب الفندي says:

    الحوار المؤثر هو الحوار الذي يجعلك تستمتع الى من يحاورك وتماثله في الحركة
    وطبقة الصوت … الحوار الجميل

  • Henry Washington says:

    All I know is dad better watch his back!

  • Pulaski White says:

    I bet for $9500000000000000000000 that these both are smarter than TmarTn

  • Tanyas Stewart says:


  • Ginger Bone says:

    Probably talking about women. ;3

  • Steven Medgyesy says:

    The one on left is clowning o his brother for not having two socks on. IT’S

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