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Hot toys of 2014
“Barbie has been the top girls' toy for over a decade, but it is no surprise that Disney's 'Frozen' has taken the top seat, as children have had it on the mind as far back as Halloween,” said Pam Goodfellow, director of Prosper's Consumer Insights …
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Disney's 'Frozen' beats Barbie as top toy for girls, survey says
According to the survey, the 2014 top toys for girls: 1. Disney Frozen. 2. Barbie. 3. Dolls. 4. Monster High Dolls. 5. American Girl. And for the boys: 1. LEGO. 2. Cars & Trucks. 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 4. Video games. 5. Hot Wheels. The …
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Georgia Tech student rewrites sexist Barbie book
"The problem is the assumption that [Barbie, as a girl] is a designer, not a coder, and the coders are boys," she said. Now, for example, Barbie tells her sister, "Really good games are made by a team of people. I'm doing some of the coding now, but …
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'Normal Barbie' has scars, acne, stretch marks
Life in plastic really is fantastic. A long-awaited "Normal Barbie" has finally hit the market, but don't expect to see an elongated neck, stick-thin thighs, or a waifish torso. These dolls, designed by artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, feature such …
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