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Barbie's digital makeover sparks concerns
We do our best to convert what the child says as an audio and process that as a sentence and understand the language being spoken, then decide that Barbie is in a good mood and should say something back. And the audio of Barbie streams back down the …
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The Fastest-Selling Adult Novel in History: Paula Hawkins The Girl On The Train
It's about how our memories from childhood can be quite flawed. What one sibling might remember in an incident is very different from another one. And yet those incidents go to make up your personality. Do you feel pressure given the success of Girl on …
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Inside the Pulitzer Prize Book Winners
In short, vivid chapters, Doerr crosscuts between Marie-Laure, a blind Parisian girl, and Werner, a German orphan from the Ruhr Valley whose uncanny skill with radios lands him a job with the German military. As different as they are, Marie-Laure and …
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