Saying Goodbye to the Gendered Toy Aisle

Saying Goodbye to the Gendered Toy Aisle
As one half of a boy-girl set of twins, I have strong memories of splitting up from my brother so we could each hit “our” toy aisles, the pink one and the other one. I loved the dolls I found in the pink aisle, but had the unusual advantage of knowing …
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What Is Going On In the 'Pretty Girls' Music Video? 7 Possible Explanations
I was immediately reminded of Clueless when I watched the video, probably because of the Jeep. Also, when alien Iggy arrives on Earth, Britney plays dress-up with her in a very Cher way. However, instead of '90s fashions, Iggy is dressed in cut-off …
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Bafta TV awards 2015: as it happened
Mary Berry, looking a bit like Barbie's mum in a hot pink dress, is here to present the Best Entertainment Performance award. It's between Claudia Winkleman, Ant & Dec (again), Graham Norton (again) and Leigh Francis. And the winner is… Ant & Dec …

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