Board Game Review: RoboRally

RoboRally is a fun board game full of chaos. It’s all about programming your robots to pass checkpoints and seeing what happens next as they run into each ot…

Two criminals bet their future on a roll of the dice. See more at Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: http://phobos.appl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • AI is Awesome says:

    #AI #GAME — #RoboRally, the Board Game!

    AIIAers, it’s time to program your own robot! This awesome board game makes
    it all possible for you and your friends!

  • MrRoeljanssen says:

    we need to program this as a second year IT engineer at college, with a
    group of 30 people….I know 9 of them…..this is gonna be a nightmare,
    had to watch it twice to sort of understand it T___T

  • StrickenRecord says:

    Wanna test your ability to plan several moves ahead? This is the game for
    you. I love it.

  • tkerkel3679 says:

    Wouldn’t chess test the same thing?

  • TheBoardGameFamily says:

    The COGs rotate next to last in the sequence. So everyone makes their
    moves, conveyor belts move, then COGs rotate. Hammer Bot was pushed onto
    the COG during the move phase, then Hammer Bot makes his move ahead before
    rotating on the COG (because COGs won’t rotate until later). Regarding you
    second question, I don’t see where you’re referring to – what’s the time
    stamp on the video for that question?

  • Carl Frodge says:

    I just got this game for free. Haven’t played yet, but it looks really fun!

  • Amar Shah says:

    Can you stop promoting on youtube?

  • bunnyspikey says:

    shouldn’t Hammer Bot have rotated on the COG making his Move 1 move him out
    of the Lasers path and keeping him alive for another turn? also with the
    Move 2 having a higher level than the Move 1 it means your Robot would have
    moved out of the way making way for poor Hammer Bot to move out safely!

  • Lorrilou70 says:

    Nice! This game is now on my wishlist!

  • TheBoardGameFamily says:

    But in chess you get to make a decision after each move. You can plan, but
    depending what your opponent does, you can change you mind and make a
    different move from what you were planning. In RoboRally, you set your 5
    moves and then let them play out.

  • GAMES! says:

    Hey guys – I found this game that’s just like RoboRally that’s doing a
    Kickstarter to finish their game! Take a look on Kickstarter for Goblin
    Grand Prix!

  • irismey says:

    Hey! ya’ll forgot Yahzee!

  • knux2468 says:

    lets hope the dont have a get out of jail free card

  • Hellboy1797 says:

    What game were the parker brother in?

  • Deer God says:

    Someone say my name?

  • Atticus Hogan says:

    What no clue?

  • Genoprototype says:

    OMG was that mouse trap? *NostalgiaOverflow*

  • Tom Elwood says:

    Hellboy Parker brothers are the makers

  • Alewolf01 says:

    Don’t Wake Daddy, Clue, Operation, Life, Guess Who, Trouble, Sorry, Mouse
    Trap…and one of them was dressed like the Monopoly guy.

  • Tman says:

    anyone else pick up on that at the end? Trouble? Sorry! ha ha ha

  • John Doe says:

    I miss don’t wake daddy

  • TimeQueenofRome says:

    Well, that solved the mystery as to how Operation came to be such a great

  • Noah Maddix says:

    Someone get out the MOUSE TRAP

  • Raphael deLaghetto says:

    It would’ve been funny if the mouse cage got stuck mid air..that game never

  • ThePursuitOfKnowledge IsLife says:

    “Charlie Parker, you’re in a lot of trouble!” “Trouble? HEH HEH SAAWWRRYYY!”

  • j marcum says:

    0:22 Mitt Romney Style!!

  • jack chapman says:

    and not a single laugh was given

  • lawlzeeful says:

    That trouble and sorry pun just got me.

  • Natalie Rose says:

    Lol, Anne was the only black person in “Guess Who?” back in my day.

  • Large Force says:

    i remember owning it but never remember playing it, funny that

  • thecreativesoupster says:

    1:10 penis

  • Jonathan Uhos says:

    1:38 read the sign…I really thought somthing was going to happen relating
    to it…this scene, was mis-leading.

  • Maddie Walsh says:

    where was monopoly and what game was the first one meant to be?

  • Dan Anon says:

    or don’t wake daddy

  • MrOrangezs says:

    1:50 Lol Mouse Trap XD

  • Mayor McCheese says:

    The first one was Don’t Wake Daddy. And another one was Sorry.

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