BOARD GAYMES, Sharon Needles, Dead Girls Never Say No, BLUE MOON

BOARD GAYMES, Sharon Needles, Dead Girls Never Say No, BLUE MOON Saturday, June 8, 2013 11:30pm The Blue Moon queens were playing Jumanji, and the game trans…

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  • Eric Ylrac says:

    Tom I’ll like all of your future videos if you show us a video of you
    pretending to eat that video. =)

  • HarfangX says:

    Love Letter in a box is the wrong way to go… in fact I wish Coup had been
    made more portable… there was no need for the player aids not to be the
    same size as the cards and therefor make the box as big as it is.
    If it’s a Microgame… make it MICRO

  • Steve Gale says:

    How about just calling this “The Dice Tower Show”? Or perhaps “Dice Tower

  • Eyal Itsik says:

    The pronunciation segment was hilarious :D

  • Stacie Winters says:

    Very cool show name but that intro music… omg not very good and it lasted
    too long but other than that great show.

  • Steve Gale says:

    Good show. Hoping to see that Infamy review.

  • Randall Adkins says:

    Really enjoyed the show this week. Still miss the weekly shelf update
    segment. Starting to enjoy more of the segments. The how to pronounce
    Board games the RIGHT way segment was hilarious. I always think it is
    interesting when the creator of a product pronounces the name of the
    product differently from how the culture the product is set in would
    pronounce it. The publisher told Tom to pronounce the game sick la dees,
    but in Greek cy does not make an “s” sound! Another thing I have recently
    seen argued like this is the name of the Batman villain Ra’as al Ghul.
    Paul Dinni who created the character pronounces this name as Rash al Ghoul
    (as it is in BTAS), while the middle eastern culture the name is based
    upon would pronounce the name Ra’s al Ghoul (as it is pronounced in Batman
    Begins and The Dark Knight Rises). I guess it all depends on if you wish
    to listen to the creator of the product or the culture he is basing his
    product on!

  • Medsas says:

    huh? dominion has multiple versions online, am I missing something?

  • Patrick Doss says:

    How about a correct pronunciation to Tannhauser. It’s Tahn-hoy-sz-air. Not
    Tan-how-sz-err. Those two dots on top of the a are called umlauts and in
    German you pronounce the word differently when you see them. Even the
    designers say it wrong. DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!

  • Jonathan White says:

    Bring back “On the Shelf” ;-)

  • Waldemar Bartyna says:

    Nice title :), bu the title music is … not so great …

  • Jeff3210 says:

    Dominion is online, on Goko

  • Gast says:

    While I understand why you’d like to improve, I don’t think that you should
    look to TV for inspiration.

    Though this episode was better than the first – contributor clips were of a
    lot higher quality and it didn’t feel as dragged out overall, but I’d
    rather have the news as a separate video and the short clips in another so
    I can pick what I want to watch.

  • Jay Champagne says:

    Shadows of Brimstone isn’t news? The kickstarter made over $1.3 million! 

  • MrJobocan says:

    The show felt a lot tighter this week, the segments were a bit less weird
    and cheap-feeling.

  • Board Game Brawl says:

    YOU HAVE SUPER FANTASY. i hate u >=(

  • Jerome Barthelemy says:

    Okay, the pronunciation clips made me laugh… :)

  • Jason Glover says:

    Dig the Roll For It! T-Shirt Tom! Just played it tonight. Fun family game!

  • Chuck Hughes says:

    Things are always changing, it’s the nature of the world, and I like to see
    the Dice Tower change and grow. However, I turn into the Dice Tower News
    (now Board Game Breakfast) for gaming news, upcoming games, and Tom’s
    thoughts. I have no problem with outside contributors to the Dice Tower, I
    think it’s great (the segment with the cheat sheets was good), but I think
    they should have their own show, not be part of this one.

  • Calvert Perry says:

    6 sided dice store easier than other dice though. Kings of Tokyo’s box is
    a great example.

  • James Barrett says:

    Board game breakfast!? Nooooo! ****headdesk****

  • Jesse Whitehead says:

    Board Game Breakfast doesn’t seem like the best name for a sow that gets
    uploaded at 12:30 in the afternoon ;)

  • TyphoidBryan says:

    Have you heard of SU2T? It is where you take creatures from Smash Up and
    add them to the trashcan. How about Aliens and Last Night’s Chili? …or
    Robots and Junk Mail? So many new options for this game undoubtedly
    inspired by listening in on 9-year old boys’ school bus discussions.

  • BachateroZumba says:

    Board Game Breakfast – BRILLIANT!!!

  • Nerzenjäger says:

    There’s an RPG by Palladium called “Ninjas & Superspies”!

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