Tash Kalar Review – with the Board Game Knights

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Steven S says:

    Hehe You guys will be fired by Tom giving this a good review 😀 he gave it
    a low low low 4 oO I do feel it deserves atleast a 7, for me it’s a 2
    player game not for 4.
    Nice review.

  • The Dice Tower says:
  • Girts says:

    At last no American English in board game video review! 😀 Anyway, this
    seems to be a nice style to review games. My suggestion – give ratings to
    each game you review (1-10) and say both – positive and negative aspects of
    the board game from your point of view. Good luck!

  • thesumo5 says:

    Great review guys! I would like to say that the handheld camera work feels
    very disjointed. I would prefer more steady shots (really, I would cut out
    the handheld all together), and cuts to the components you are talking
    about (like when you mentioned the card art, I would have like to have seen
    it). Overall, though, great job!

  • John Corley says:

    this review was way better than Tom’s. Thank you!

  • Julian Barclay says:

    Hello, I live in Australia too some I am really glad that we finally have
    some Aussie presenters.

  • zippystar says:

    Very shaky 2nd camera, fix it please, otherwise good job :)

  • Clive Weaver says:

    We’ll done guys, love the review, it’s great to see different reviewers and
    nice to have a female on board

  • Daniel D says:

    Welcome to the dice tower! Good review and real nice for just starting out.
    I personally do not like when it goes to the second camera to focus on one
    person and starts shaking a little. I am not a fan of shaky cam. Thats my
    only real complaint though :)

  • Stephen S says:

    I love you guys! Your review feels natural, the casual chat format really
    works. The camera work needs to be a bit more steady, but that’s a small
    gripe. Looking forward to more.

  • Andrew Scholl says:

    This game is waiting for me a the my game store. Tomorrow is a good day
    to Ska-doosh my friends hehehe. Thanks for the review

  • Rowan Potter says:

    Aussie reviewers! Love to see our side of the world being represented! Hail
    from SA :)

  • Patricio Mendez says:

    Really happy with BGK as Dice Tower contributors. Great job!

  • Liang Weihao says:

    I think there is a need to speak more slowly and make your points very
    clear, especially since viewers may not know the game and thus may not be
    able to follow the discussion at such speeds. And more importantly, let
    each other finish speaking and complete their points before another person
    speaks. The interruptions plus fast-paced talking makes it feel very rushed
    and a little difficult to follow.

  • winterplum says:

    I enjoyed your ‘concise’ review of Tash Kalar. I like that you give a quick
    overview of rules, then jump right into your review of the game. I love
    Chvatil, but I have held off on getting this game simply because it seemed
    a bit too light. Still, it does look fun in a puzzle sort of way.
    I would love to see more from Board Game Knights. Echoing what others have
    stated, I would just ditch the handheld…and keep steady on the
    game/components during the overview portion, and then steady the eye on the
    three of you during your review. I will look forward to seeing more from
    you on the Dice Tower!

  • edictzero says:

    You should only cut to the hand held when you’re talking and looking at
    each other 

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