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Presenting the hottest trend in food… cakes! The Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery™ Set lets you bake your own delicious cakes in just 30 seconds. You can customize…
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“Cool Kids” by Echosmith from Talking Dreams, out now. Video directed by Mark Pellington in Los Angeles, CA. Support this song by leaving a comment, a thumbs…
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  • ElementMakeupEffects says:

    These taste like total shit and they are very sticky and chewy…If you
    dont eat them straight away they go really hard

  • natalie heath says:

    is it just me or can you hear someone saying “good” after some sentences

  • destinee sylvester says:

    this is stupid. I think that girls should learn how to cook in real life.
    cause when they grow up, get married, and have to cook. they wont have this
    little miss baker microwave set. they will need skills

  • jeαɴ ĸιrѕcнтeιɴ says:

    why am i watching this

  • Yesung KimHana says:

    you can bake them without girl gourmet tools mix and apli 

  • Melissa Bustamante says:
  • Elizabeth Cerda says:

    Hun you sound like a damn robot when u speak. Fucking waste of my time. 

  • Chelsea Collera says:

    where deid you get that and also very cute

  • Johanna Emmanuel says:

    Ihbgygn bb h gvgbfhb gg. Vvcgfhgggvg


  • Sol La says:

    I want This

  • Lory Omeara says:

    Guys I Hanna eat the cake my mom made

  • roberta Raygor says:

    She’s so annoying she should shutup because when she grows up she won’t
    have this stupid stuff°^°

  • M̶ɪ̶ᴀ̶ᴏ̶ᴡ̶ ̶ᴍ̶ɪ̶ᴀ̶ᴏ̶ᴡ̶ Wooz says:


  • Davy Sor says:

    That is really good

  • Fayza Azzahra says:

    Can you eat that

  • 3BooDG4mer says:


  • Yana Dalisay says:

    is that edible?

  • Salma Lahmini says:

    I think it’s a little too plastic looking

  • Cute Stella says:

    Wtf the cake it’s to small but the real cake is not I think real cake is
    much delicious

  • takemoto hagu says:

    can we eat that!?

  • Karen Hoffman says:

    Well haters maybe guy shows learn how to cook and not girls have to be the
    only ones to cook.

  • dali2084 says:

    I want that cake maker

  • Andy Nguyen says:

    Are you a kid?

  • BeautyWithAnalicia says:

    Is it just me who wachtes sevensupergirls and the girl who is speakings
    sounds like jeana.?

  • Sinisbal says:

    I also wished that I could be a cool kid. But the empty heart lead me into
    homosexuality and trying to please men in order to be cool to them. Since I
    couldn’t be cool to myself.
    On and on it went, from bad to worse. But, but, saving and healing came. I
    faced the hurt, trusted Jesus and He healed me of homosexuality. The
    coolness is here.

  • Isabelle Cartwright says:

    i wish that i could be like the cool kids
    because all the cool kids have iphones

  • Jesus Christ says:

    So ignore my name for a second please… :3

    At my school, I usually don’t give 2 fucks who I talk to or not, however I
    usually go to a lot of parties and hang out, however I dislike social
    media, which means I don’t have a Facebook, at the moment at least. I go to
    the gym daily from Monday to Friday and I go alone, since none of my
    friends are up to go with me, however this guy, who isn’t that cool or
    popular, either way you want to call it, decided to go with me, we went for
    the first day and hey, it was fine with me, I helped him out with some
    machines and thought him a thing or two. The next day, one of my so said
    friends I usually drink with decided to come up to me, in front of the
    class since I was in line to ask my teacher something. He yelled “Why the
    hell would you go to the gym with such a freak” and I answered him pointing
    him in the chest, “Because he isn’t any less than you or me, we are the
    same, ain’t he human? Wait, aren’t you a human as well? Damn, learning is
    fun isn’t it? Now deal with it, company is company, I asked you about 3
    times already to go to the damn gym with me and your lazy ass always gave
    me excuses.” I then walked to my seat, feeling proud of my words, because
    seriously, you aren’t any less than the person next to you, there people
    who have friends and others who don’t. Then there’s me who doesn’t gives a
    fuck about who I talk to and rather spends his Sunday watching Netflix with
    treats. Yes, because I have a life and I know how it works, and making
    other’s feel worse about it because you say you have a *Better* one isn’t
    what life is suppose to be.

    Also, amen.

  • BrutallyDigital says:

    Why is it that you have songs like this that don’t get the views that they
    deserve, and have shit like Anaconda, Talk Dirty, or even Shake it Off have
    100+ million views?

  • ExoticVixen says:

    no offense they look like the cool kids themselves ahaha

  • Bayani says:

    Love this song <3

  • Paul McCartney says:

    I could write a better song with my ass.

  • Skarlette Dorris says:

    I love the video and song but I’m not a cool kid and I’m not in the
    background either so I don’t know what I am.

  • God says:

    Wish I could be a cookie too…

  • Scorch Saboten says:

    I think Echosmith is better that 5SOS, just sayin’ (DON’T KILL ME!!!! DX)

  • A2Kaid says:

    This bitch is a rich and famous singer and she sings about wanting to be
    like the “cool kids”…

  • razrv3lc says:

    People are stupid and get offended too easily. This song doesn’t say that
    you have to be a cool kid. It is about having that mentality; nothing else.
    It isn’t endorsing or condemning wanting to be one of the cool kids. It’s
    just touching on feelings that almost everyone has had at some point

  • CRAYZEE_ONES says:

    At my school there is one group of “cool kids” and one of my best friends
    are one of them and I hang out with her and them, sometimes I wonder if I’m
    one of them, but then again every time I talk they usually ignore me and
    when I text them and my friend in a group chat they usually ignore and my
    friend is the only one who text back, and even if there talking and come by
    every one stays quiet and gets annoyed and ignores me if I stay or ask them
    a question or something like that. So I pretty much doubt that I’m one of
    “them” but I guess that’s okay. :/ :(

  • Tim Streker says:

    I feel like this is sung hypocritically. This song has made her cool. It
    put her in a spot light along with the other pretty musically talented
    people. She no longer really fits in with the people shes trying to sing

  • Nihal Jude says:

    I am now an adult, but ten years ago when I used to be in Middle School, I
    was judged as “cool”, “weird”, etc. I was a pretty popular person and were
    judged by different people differently. Everyone had their cliques, I had
    some cliques who considered me as a “cool kid” who gave me a lot of
    respect, and I had some cliques who are proprietary cool kids,
    who considered me as “a weird outcast” and the people in that
    clique sometimes used to make fun of me, creating war and tension, and back
    then, my reactions allowed these people to take advantage of my emotions
    because I cared too much about them with how they look down on me because
    they think I am not cool and instead, a weird outcast.

    However, I strongly believe by looking back, people who are the “cool
    kids” are the ones who make their cliques “proprietary” which means, they
    control who they join and who to make fun of. If you have slight
    differences from their proprietary expectation, they will go out of their
    way to make fun of you. In my honest opinion, these “cool kids” are really
    stupid closed minded people who have no idea how to operate in the real
    world. It bothers me that people practice this proprietary behavior. If you
    don’t know what proprietary is, it is basically something that is very
    selective based on value. I don’t, and have never agreed with this “cool
    kids” name.

    With this being said, the message of this song which goes “I wish that I
    could, be like, the cool kids. Cuz all the cool kids, they get to fit in”,
    just shows that people crave to be part of a proprietary group instead of
    being individuals which is ok, but what’s not ok about this is that they
    are mourning and complaining that they do not fit part of a stupid
    proprietary closed minded crowd, which stupid people give high value of
    when there is nothing really special about them, other than being stupid,
    closed minded and proprietary from the rest of the world.

    With myself being a musician, I had Pop music from the last 10 years, but
    this song has a nice tune, and has a powerful message which makes sense
    (unlike most songs today which don’t). Despite on this song being a cheesy
    pop song, the song is not bad, but I simply don’t like this song because
    not only it is a generic Pop song that is played everywhere, but the
    message of this song gives power to the wrong people. People are very
    gullible to crave on being part of the proprietary “cool” group which will
    reject you easily for one quirk. You are much better off breaking them up
    so that they are forced to join everyone. Everyone should get along.

    In final, I am an adult and I don’t want to hear a song which is about a
    group of high school losers wishing that they are part of the winning team,
    when I already made the final conclusion about this scenario, that are
    chasing after stupid people, who think they are cool just because they are

  • Echosmith says:

    Here it is! The brand new #CoolKids music video! Please share, favorite,
    playlist, and thumbs up! #TeamEchosmith

  • Thomillia Sims says:

    I like this song,but it makes all cool people seem mean. As a popular
    person I can say that popularity does not come from treating people like
    junk. It comes from being nice and yourself. People are attracted to

  • Elizabeth Lauren says:

    exactly 2:44 there’s a really creepy chick. It took me about 5 minutes to
    pause it on time but it is really freaking scary. Pause it right when she
    says “they” 

  • wahibawah ran says:

    I don’t know why whenever i listen to this song i feel hungry …….damn i
    want some cookies 

  • Mr. Y 3 K says:

    Not to be mean or racist but the theme of this song….sucks. Like it seems
    only Caucasian social status is trapped and has been trapped with the “in
    crowd” mindset. Like really? In African american schools, we’ve always been
    about “get in where you fit in”. That social hiearchy crap is now cliche
    and for the birds.

  • Daniel Michaud says:

    Pause at 2:44 O.O (when she says they)

  • Nathan L. says:

    Ya know what I’d love to see them do a cover of? “Crackerman” from STP. I’d
    love to see ’em really get heavy and hearing her use a rock voice would be
    pretty cool.

  • jason20599 says:

    A creepy girl has been spotted in the video. Pause at 2:44 when they say

  • urusoimi says:

    I also wished to be a cool kid. However, the empty heart led me into
    heterosexuality. The cool kids have always eluded me. Always confident in
    the way they were born, not ashamed to be themselves. I on the other hand
    go to Church, surrounded by people in which their own guilt has dictated
    the need for rudimentary fairy tales to develop some kind of morals. Not
    the cool kids though. When weapons are built with their insecurity, and
    hate is spewed from guns of cowardliness, they emerge un-scathed, with a
    smile. They know that successful lives do not emerge from the events that
    happen to them, only from how the events are handled. Step one, hold your
    head high, no matter how heavy the tears have made it. Step two, conquer
    the hate aimed at you with love for all others- you will soon love
    yourself. Step three, forgive and take the power back. Step four, be like a
    cool kid.

  • ZutakaSama says:

    Excuse me but.. Be like the cool kids? Really? Is this what the music
    industry is going on now? Become fake and kill off your unique gift just to
    feel respected by some ******?
    THIS is what brainwashes #girls to think that they aren´t perfect –
    ruthless that such a word even exists?!
    This. Is. Sad. Girls PLEASE stop listening to songs like these. THEY DON´T

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