Girls play video games too!

First Commentary! I want to know what you guys think of girls playing video games! In this video I discuss girls playing video games and how they are confron…
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  • Vital Assassins says:

    Yeah 40% of my friends list are girls I have 99

  • cristian333fx says:

    nice, awesome. only pc you play, xbox360 not?

  • Nate Dogg says:

    Sometimes it’s unfortunate to die many times like that because it’s a small
    map and anyone could be anywhere, but i dont ‘t care how many times she
    died, just saying

  • silverberg420ms says:

    Fantastic video. Great round too..

  • michelle Ramirez says:

    Ithought it was weird to play video games since im a girl but, its actually
    okay with guys?? Thahell!

  • TrUsIS100 says:

    what with them capital letters?

  • Sahara Kinllon says:

    🙂 Awesome video<3

  • KarmaTheSnipah says:

    @jamsam2009 If you think 75-20 is a bad score, I don’t know what to tell
    you. Do some research I guess

  • cristian333fx says:

    upload videos about mw3 and mw2 dear.

  • Bawlz88 says:

    The cake is a lie!

  • theskinypanda says:

    karma im a guy and lots of my friends think girls shouldent play video
    games but i think it f***ing awsome cause some girls like u are way better
    then many guys who play and most guys that ive ever been in a lobby with
    and there was a girl in the lobby preaty much most of them called her
    fat,ugly, or emo and idk y because my girlfriend just recently started
    playing call of duty with all of her friends and i thknk thats cool cause
    they dont always get mad when ur talking with them and complain

  • tiar173 says:

    Its good to hear another voice against the stigma that is still very much
    alive today, of males believing girls don’t play games. The people who
    decry females from games often use now-hackneyed assaults on their
    character, citing reasons ranging from being ugly, fat, lesbian,
    friendless, a loser, and just plain out worthless; all of which is a
    stereotype and untrue. There is a belief that females aren’t intelligent
    enough to play games, an entirely sexist viewpoint. Best to ignore those

  • nadia khan says:

    i m girl nd i m playing game in my pc

  • Gorilla Lord says:

    I play battlefield 3 and Diablo 3 once in awhile and kinda suck at BF3. As
    for you do fine most of these dudes play way too much and are overweight so
    don’t worry about your skills I play to enjoy it not to be the best at it.
    Never feel embarrassed to say you play games though. Guys and girls have a
    hard enough time these days relating to each other and getting to know one
    another. If anything that’s a good way to strike up convo! =)

  • Ojokernegro says:

    @KarmaTheSnipah don’t have arguments with retards, it will turn you into

  • WAR Sparda says:

    Really good commentary! I agree that many people judge gamers based on
    their gender. But many also judge by something else ie. age, race, accent,
    and voice xD Going onto snipers, getting kill feeds in my opinion, takes no
    skill. Getting kill streaks= skill. Keep up with what you’re doing, you’ve
    got lots of potential =)

  • KarmaTheSnipah says:

    @LunairEclipse Thank you for the compliment, I will be uploading a new
    montage in a few days, please check it out!

  • KarmaTheSnipah says:

    @jamsam2009 how so?

  • KarmaTheSnipah says:

    @KittieOnALeash I have recently played Battlefield 3, and also I’ve tried
    out Minecraft before. I’m new at those games though!

  • sumanadream says:

    Nice commentary 🙂 Thanks for the props for gaming girls!

  • Mark Simpson says:

    Girls belong in the kitchen not playing video games! They should just make
    gamers sandwiches damn hoes!

  • Amy Lee Carter says:

    MW3 ALL THE WAY. – I’m a girl too ahah :p

  • Lunair says:

    In my opinion no one should be shocked that girls also enjoy gaming im
    pretty sure that in terms of Call of Duty. There Call of Duty videos with
    female commentators than there is male. Also I gave you a like loved your
    video keep up the good work.

  • Franciso Ramos says:

    Dude your kinda good

  • magoopower says:

    Good times good times 🙂

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