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Rage Against GamerGates Hate Machine: What I Got For Speaking Up
Making joke hashtags like #Quinnghazi to make fun of the original #Quinnspiracy hashtag, i.e. pointing out the insanity of claiming embattled feminist indie game designers were powerful puppetmasters of the industry. Creating the hashtag … That if …
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What Does It All Mean? Breaking Down Week 11
TCU's taming of Kansas State put the Big 12 puck on its stick for the next few weeks, and Notre Dame bowed out of the CFP fun by giving the ball to Arizona State over and over and over again. … There were the Mississippi paycheck games with Ole Miss …
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Landair Ladies' Classic Starts Dec. 27
The 26th annual Landair Ladies Classic is set for another run at Hal Henard Elementary School Gymnasium the week after Christmas, bringing together the five local high schools who will compete against some of the best girls' high school basketball …
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