Honest Trailers – The Wolf of Wall Street

Honest Trailers - The Wolf of Wall Street

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  • TheInvinsible Gamer24 says:

    I’m still wondering why Leo Decaprio doesn’t have a fucking oscar!!!!!

  • Hidious Vanity says:

    A list of Leo’s Oscar nominations and whom he lost to

    1994: His supporting role in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” lost to Tommy
    Lee Jones in “The Fugitive”
    2005: His role in “The Aviator” lost to Jamie Foxx in “Ray”
    2007: His role in “Blood Diamond” lost to Forest Whitaker in “The Last King
    of Scotland”
    2014: His role and producing credits in “The Wolf of Wall Street” lost to
    Matthew McConaughey in “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and “12 Years a Slave”

    Can you really say he deserved to win over the guy he lost to? 

  • Katie Mitchell says:

    The fact that the real jordan belfort introduced the fake jordan belfort at
    the end of the movie is so weird!!!! The movie was fucking amazing! 

  • axlearyakia says:

    That moment when I actually watched this with my parents :'( 

  • Vítězslav Ureš says:

    I found the first wife much prettier. Anybody else shares my opinion?

  • GregTom2 says:

    Settle in… for 3 hours of: People screaming at the top of their lungs,
    stuff that would offend your familly, stuff that would offend your
    girlfriend, stuff that would offend Peter Dinklage, unlikable characters,
    lazy dialogue, repetitive shit… With NOOOO story. Get ready for a porno
    movie that doesn’t have the redeeming quality of being 25 minutes long.
    I would talk about the ending but I stopped watching the movie after 2
    excruciating hours of hyperclimatic high pitched noise.
    Wait. THAT’S IT!
    This movie is basically the same as transformer, if you change the fighting
    for drug abuse and the adolescent fanservice for porn. It’s just one long
    stressful mess of “what the fuck is going on” with no character or plot to
    keep you watching. That’s also the only two movies I ever stopped watching
    out of boredom.

  • The Governor says:

    What a fucking joke. Who would make a fucking movie where the fucking
    actors say fuck so many fucking times? What about the fucking children?
    They shouldn’t have to be exposed to the fucking filth of a godless fucking
    film like this. God fucking help us all!

  • Frida Nyberg says:

    Most overrated movie of all time. Truly. Also the most wasted three-
    four… however many hours of my life. Had I watched it in my own home, I
    would have turned it off within ten minutes. I even realized halfway
    through this video that I was wasting my time on it again.
    True garbage (the movie, not this video) that doesn’t deserve any awards.
    It’s 3+ straight hours of nothing but scamming people off fortunes, taking
    drugs, fucking whores, and overall behaving like the scum of the Earth.

  • Daniel Omiyi says:

    I think Leo pissed someone off. This No Oscar business makes no sense and
    should end

  • Seb Newton says:

    God damn this film should have cleaned house at the Oscars. What other 2013
    films were there? Gravity’s only strong point was its unique filming and
    mise-en-scene, but had literally NO plot or memorable acting. 12 years a
    Slave was the most overrated, turgid crap i’ve ever watched. I actually
    turned it off half way through, it was clearly created with two words in
    mind: Liberal Guilt. Why should I feel guilty about slaves? I never had
    one. Plenty of Africans today enslave their fellow Africans, do you think
    they feel guilty? Give me a break. 

  • John Faker says:

    DiCaprio doesn’t have an oscar because everytime he was nominated he was
    competing with people who’s performance was better. Jesus people get a
    fucking grip.

  • Darkzz Lord says:

    This movie is pretty useful when ur home alone and the internet doesn’t
    fucking worth so u find this movie on tv instead of porn. What’s really sad
    is how every idiot in my fucking country wants to relate to that rich
    fucking asshole i hope the real asshole gets killed by having black guys
    shoving their dicks in every available hole he has 

  • Jonny Lupus says:


  • Fritz Lang says:

    Fuck it I’ll say it . Leo hasn’t got a fucking OSCAR cause he plays the
    same fucking character in all of his fucking movies . For me there are two
    Leo the real one and the yelling one that plays in films…. Leo in the
    wolf of the street was just a classic yelling fucked up Leo.. Exactly like
    shutter island or inception , but with more yelling! 

  • Valerian Levictus says:

    My English teacher was in this.

  • Albert Hofmann says:

    Fuck the Oscar. Fucking DiCaprio dosn’t need this price. Either way he is a
    good actor.
    Am I fucking right?

  • Ray Muniz says:

    And people STILL wonder why he’s got no Oscar? Leo dude, screaming at the
    top of your lungs, shouting off curse words enthusiastically for every
    second per frame of a movie and looking good don’t land you an Oscar brah.
    Not saying he’s a bad actor, no he’s good, but seriously he’s not Oscar
    worthy….not yet anyway.

  • Filipa Laureano says:

    watch the movie with parents? i watched the movie at the school’s library..

  • Ḻjnk April says:

    can anyone tell me the title of the movie of Nicolas Cage in 3:41

  • Squishy Toad says:

    How the fuck has leonardo fucking dicaprio not received a fucking oscar?

  • Maked Marvyl says:

    Thank you for this. I am beyond sick of Scorsese making “cautionary” tales
    of the mob, crime, corruption, etc., and then spending the entire movie
    glorifying murderers, gangsters, excess, corruption, and above all, money.
    And after displaying his fascination with it for three hours, saying “uh,
    yeah, but it’s bad, kids”, in the last 30 seconds.
    The problem with this movie is the director, who seems to have big problems
    of his own….

  • SabyCandiesCutie says:

    One of the scenes was filmed in a town near mine. We even got a horrible
    quality picture of Leonardo DiCaprio in a half open limo window 

  • Maria Chat says:

    Into the Woods, into the woods, into the woods, into the woods!!!

  • Nicolas Bour says:

    Not “THE movie” but it was fun and entertaining !

  • GameShow223 says:

    never knew shane was there

  • IDoNotApproveOfThat says:

    It all comes down…

    to Sean Bean.

  • Palo Kan says:

    “and all these other characters who’s names you actually don’t remember”
    WTF ? you don’t remember Petyr Baelish ?!? He’s the cause to ALL the things
    happening in westeros, so he’s pretty much the most important person in the
    whole series ^^
    He’s the reason jon arryn died, which caused King Robert to travel north to
    Winterfell, where Bran was thrown out of the window, which caused Catelyn
    Stark to imprison Tyrion Lannister. And because of that, Jaime Lannister
    attacked Ned Stark, which lead to his beheading in the end, which caused
    the whole fucking rebellion that’s going on right now.

    So you’re telling me you don’t remember that person ?? lol

  • kanages murugan says:

    “King Justin Bieber” Hahahahaha……that had me on ground (not that I hate
    Justin or anything)

  • harry Grant says:

    I’ve never seen game of thrones… there… I said it

  • Not Relevant says:

    This was a good show apart from the fact it is like 90% tits :/

  • oxZICKxo says:

    Lord Friend Zone xDDD LMFAO

  • Ephjos Hempstein says:

    Let’s be honest. We all just wanna see Daenerys and Jon Snow fuck.

  • Potato Covered in S.emen says:

    whats funny is that i know the names of all those characters
    The sneaky guy: Peytr Baelish
    Sneaky bald guy: Varys
    Carl Drogo: Khal Drogo
    Gay dudes: Renely Baretheon, Loras tyrell
    Lord friendzone: Jorah mormont
    Grumpy old guy: Tywin Lannister
    Same person: Stannis Baretheon
    Brandon Stark,
    Bronn again is Robin Arryn, Lord of the Vale
    Sam: Samwell tarly
    Dick cut off, Theon Greyjoy
    Super hot: Margery of the house tyrell
    Hooker Gf: Shae
    Walder frey
    faceless assassin: Jaqen Hgar dont know if i spelled it right
    Not a clue: Maester Pycelle
    No: Ser Rodrik
    Uh hu: Osha
    Nope: Bejen Stark
    Dunno: Maester Luwin

  • Julia Binarystar says:

    I wonder if draugr and those ice guys have any relationships

  • Ashley Casey says:

    I will never understand why people watch this show. Soap Opera plots have
    been around for centuries. The only thing that makes this show slightly
    stand out is the incestuous medieval-themed pornography and excessive

  • extra douchebag says:

    Ramsay + Little Finger= Jojen?

  • Dewani90 says:

    dear sean bean… stop dying dammit… i saw him die on platoon, and a lot
    of movies, right to the lotr fellowship one…and oblivion, he was martin

    by any bewbs necessary… and i suddenly got that mine are bigger than the
    whole cast of game of thrones… i must be a mutant… or maybe it was the
    fact that every woman on my mother’s side of the family has huge breasts,
    thanks mom, i and my two sisters and some of my friends will be some of the
    few women in usa that have g-cups without silicona inside of them. 

  • Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Am i the only one who kinda wants sansa to become the meanest bitch in the
    whole of westeros i want her to be able to watch the worst thing ever and
    just turn away with a smile on her face i think it would be a good idea

  • John Rambo says:

    The books are so much better than the show.

  • Katariina R. says:

    the chick playing Shae used to be a pornstar

  • Mona EL Hichou says:

    I keep watching this over and over again!! IT’S HILARIOUS AHAHAA

  • Ross Balling says:

    Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones: https://youtu.be/SVaD8rouJn0

  • SLOTH says:

    i got this video from searching “wiener sucker jones”

  • EvanSol919 says:

    There’s also Sean Bean’s brother in law, Sean Bean’s sister in law, Sean
    Bean’s servants, Sean Bean’s father in law, and Sean Bean’s house (yes I’m
    counting Winterfell).

  • QTPiNintendofan says:

    I was considering watching/reading this, but the sheer number of BEWBZ and
    the sex-scenes they imply makes me extremely hesitant to do so.

  • Torrent32 says:


  • Simone Bertini says:

    L’epicità di questo video, parliamone
    Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones: http://youtu.be/SVaD8rouJn0

  • Annaie1234 says:

    I find the show really hard to follow like I don’t know any of those names
    it’s just like “wait who was that again?” All the dang time, I might just
    read the books

  • Serge Van halen says:

    You don’t even remember the name of Mance Ryder, the king beyond the wall?
    You’re a big fan, ain’t you?

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