How To Get Free PS4/PS3 Games For Free WITHOUT JAILBREAK – Download Free PSN Games (WORKING 2015)

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  • Castro Fernandes says:

    Hey peoples, the video is outdated. Method above no longer works!
    After tried everything, this site is the only one that gives FREE PSN Codes!
    I got $50 PSN Codes there. You guys should try it!.

  • Synxc says:


  • ModernGamingKingz says:

    i should report you for

    1. this old ass video

    2. false advertising(using this old ass video to get views & subs) and

    3. being a dumb ass.

  • m0r3sw3gth4nU says:

    Anybody wanna gameshare? I have GTA 5, Minecraft, Destiny, Advanced Warfare
    and Battlefield 4.

  • Josh Wilson says:

    I will give Destiny, Minecraft, Infamous 2, BF4, The Amazing Spiderman 2,
    Prototype, Ratchet: Deadlocked, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Splinter Cell
    Chaos Theory, Killzone 3, and Just Cause 2 for most games. Far Cry 4 & 3,
    Watch Dogs, Borderlands (Any), GTA V, CoD (Any), Thief, Dishonored, Hitman:
    Absolution, AC4, Lego anything, Infamous 1 or Second Son, Dead Rising 2,
    Dead Island, plus others I have forgotten. You must have at least two of
    these. I go first or no deal.

  • Gilly Ibrahim says:

    I have a great deal . Games like NBA 2k14, BioShock Infinite, Ratchet and
    Clank games, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Tomb Raider, Little Big Planet
    original and the karting one , Counter Strike Global Offensive and a lot
    more games. If you are interested contact me on PSN darkiest457 . I want
    South Park The Stick of Truth, inFAMOUS 2, Dead Island, NBA 2k15, CoD MW3,
    Plants vs Zombies …. I want these the most but if you have some games we
    can make a deal too if the games are good and I don’t own them but I have
    most of the games but still it’s worth a shot . Anyways I have proof of my
    games and I go first or we can go same time BUT you give the email, I give
    the email, you give the password, I give the password. That way or no deal.
    Stay safe and keep on gamesharing

  • 'Rooster Ain't gonna die says:

    Can someone game share cod4 or cod world at war? I can give you a ton of
    bo2 dlc, ghost season pass, GTA V, Destiny
    Psn: ohEnviouz

  • kevin melo says:

    Hey guys anyone wants to gameshare with me?

    I have:
    ACC CREED 2,3
    Cod aw with spass.
    Cod ghost with dlc
    Cod bo2 with dlc and camos.
    Minecraft with skin packs.
    Bf hardline pre order.
    Bf3 and bad company2
    Gta iv and san andreas.
    Watchdoggs DELUXE
    The evil within
    Saints row 2 and 4
    Looking for:
    Gta v,far cry 4, fifa 15, ACC BLACK FLAG,UNITY,ROGUE or suggest a good game
    u have.

    Add me on KIK:kevinmeloo
    I go first or dont add me. NO SCAMS, NO SPAMS PLEASE! thanks

  • Synxc says:

    Online: “BANK & RANK” – Unlimited Money & RP Race #3 – (GTA 5 Live Series)

  • Pure Toxy says:

    Any1 wanna gameshare ghosts for ps4, i got ghosts for ps3 and bo1 & bo2

  • gabo gato says:

    I’m looking to get Destiny and dragonball budokai hd on ps3 if anyone is
    down to gameshare

    I don’t have shit on my ps3 but I’ll shoot you two licence transfers on
    Xbox 360

    One acc on Xbox live has hit man absolution, skyrim, fifa 13 or 14 , need
    for speed games, midnight club plus other shit

    And the other acc has arcade games like King of fighters, dead rising 2
    case zero and minecraft
    Also some other games that I can’t remember pretty much I got a lot of game
    downloads on Xbox live

    Please someone help me out
    I’m broke lol

  • Destiny Blackmon says:

    Can someone gameshare NBA 2k15 or GTA V for Call of Duty AW I get game
    first or no deal psn name youngyolo2710

  • Synxc says:

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    GLITCH” – FAST RP Glitch After Patch 1.12 – (GTA 5 Glitches)

  • Synxc says:

    Guys Check Ou This Awesome Video GTA 5 TOP 3 MODS – GTA 5 Mods: “TOP 3 MODS
    OF THE WEEK” – Neon Mods,Slenderman,God Mode – (GTA 5 Mods)

  • Cristiano says:

    I will give Destiny,Battlefield 4,Fifa 15,Tomb Raider and Need for Speed
    most wanted for GTA V and BO 2 and you can go first if you want

  • 基づくBasedGodLλtino神。 says:

    PSN USERNAME – TehLatino-
    I need Black ops 2 !
    Will gameshare Minecraft , destiny ,gta v
    Message me on psn if u want too !! 

  • Revertz says:

    I have AW (season pass) and BO1 with maps minecraft battlefield 4 nba 2k15
    madden15 pre ordered battlefield hardline(real not glitch lol) etc, all I
    want is bo2 DLC or downloadable game with season pass, I go first or no
    deal, I’ve been scammed before and barely recovered my account
    PSN:Pryme_Revertz add me to discuss me first or no deal pls trust my bo2 is
    broken (fav cod)

  • KingSteffen97 says:

    Looking for someone who can GameShare advanced warfare with me . I have
    Uncharted 3, Lego Pirates of the Carribbean, COD4, assassins creed 3, BO2
    with all DLC and few camos, All MW3 map packs, and Devil May cry. Whoevers
    trophy count is higher can go first . Because if you have a high trophy
    count, you’re more than likely to not be a scammer because you already have
    a good high level main account to play on . Or we can go at the same time .
    Your choice . Add me on psn KingSteffen97 if interested

  • Synxc says:

    SETUP” – 20,000 Subscribers Video + Gioteck GC2 Giveaway – (20K Gaming

  • arslan mirza says:

    can someone just plzzzzz share me fifa 15, nhl, destiny or advance warfare.
    plzzzzzz and thank you 🙂 if you dont wanna share with me then dont
    comment anything bad plzzzzz

  • Jose Corrales says:

    if any one wants to game share I got Minecraft, bo2 all 4 map packs, GTA 4,
    GTA vc, GTA sa, 

  • mewmewmewtwo2 says:

    I reaaly need gta 5. Psn: Miner_xD. I have minecraft, skate 3, black ops 2
    and ghosts, advanced warfare and destiny. I bought all games online so that
    it will work. I GO FIRST. 

  • Jonathan Norris says:

    Jailbreak is for a phone stupid

  • Yuhann Basher says:

    I did it but it’s pre order I need to wait but.did yours work I don’t know
    about mine

  • Gabriel Heck says:

    I want gta v for PS4. I have cod aw, the Crew, injustice and infamous

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