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Girly video games: rewriting a history of pink
While she liked computers and going to arcades to play Skee-Ball, Weil herself didn't have much interest in console games as a young child; the advertisements for the NES made it seem tough, competitive, and 'for boys.' "I remember different instances …
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TV programme listings (08/06/2014)
Barbie And Her Sisters In A Ponytail. ZeeQ. 06-00. Satrangi. 06-30, 09-30, 19-00, 21-30. Engineer This. 07-00, 14-00, 18-00, 20-30, 23-30. Dinosaur Train. 07-30. Babar. 08-30. The Happets. 08-30, 15-30, 20-00, 23-00. Zou. 09-00. Weekly Wrap. 09-30, 22-30.
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Program's goal to help build self-esteem
… year to do crafts, outdoor activities and play games. It's lighthearted fun, with serious undertones, according to Smith. One activity they've done, for example, had the girls changing a Barbie doll to give her a more realistic image, like padding …
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The case for letting your daughters play with Barbie
The Barbie doll is an icon that young girls have played with since 1959, when Barbie settled in as an American fixture in the lives of children, first in the United States—and in more recent years, worldwide. Playing with Barbie dolls was one of my …
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