Lindsey Stirling – Dragon Age

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  • Lindsey Stirling says:

    Whenever I think I’m cold I think about filming this video…and then I
    don’t feel cold anymore XD #coldestdayofmylife

  • Lindsey Stirling says:

    Hey guys! Watch me fight dragons in my brand new Dragon Age video that I
    made with EVERDREAM #lindseystirling #dragonage

    Lindsey Stirling – Dragon Age

  • Lindsey Stirling says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for spreading the Lindsey love. My dragon age video got
    a million hits in less than 24 hrs. Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet.
    I love you guys and I can’t thank you enough for all you do for me. Lindsey
    Stirling – Dragon Age

  • YouTube says:

    Lindsey Stirling brought a violin to a dragon fight. 

  • Rusty_Stirlingite says:

    The 21 september 1986, a violin legend is born. At least, to my eyes,
    you’re just a legend, everyday, I turn on my PC and I’m just going on your
    channel and I run a playlist of your musics and it’s like this everyday,
    and during the all day i’m listening at your amazing music, I’m just so
    impressed by your gift…

  • hatsune miku says:

    Really awesome

  • MysticWolfqueen says:

    I really wish she would do a song from World of Warcraft. There are many
    beautiful songs from the game. 

  • Miguel Angel Jiménez Venegas says:

    Déjame soñar esta dulce melodía a lado tullo 

  • WesterosWolf1327 says:

    Does anyone know where I can get this song at? It is utterly AMAZING!!!

  • Garry McMhastegut says:

    Reminds me of A Bard’s Tale. Though I doubt many people remember that game.

  • Alex Shepherd says:

    You should cover arrival to earth from the first Transformers film.
    Excellent violin song.

  • Fararoa erza gayta says:

    where did you film it!? so awesome!

  • Girl With Wings says:

    That was awesome! Not to mention, the best animation for a music video I’ve
    ever seen! To see you “evolve” with your type of music was just amazing,
    now that you’ve gotten to something of this level!

  • Ryan Negrete says:


  • Aileen DeMong says:

    When can we get this on iTunes?????

  • StirlingiteOfTheLight says:

    I’m planning on getting this game because I heard it was good when AngryJoe
    gave this game an 9/10. But since I am getting it on PC, I also heard some
    bad controls. But TotalBiscuit did a port review for Dragon Age and he said
    it was good. So I don’t know if I have to use a controller for this game.

  • Thetathata Way says:

    If you saw a dragon IRL wwyd?

  • Caroline Scheeren says:

    Amazing music :))) ♡ 

  • Katie Adkins says:

    New found respect for bards, for reals doe.

  • Conor Baxter says:

    Feels like more was put into the production than actual music : (

  • NightPr0wler says:

    Good choice picking Norway for the setting :)

  • Radical Sc33ry says:

    Do a colab with Taylor Davis

  • feelDUBSTEP. | "DJ" says:

    You rly look like lilly from how i met you mother or so :D

  • Cherokee Princess Wolf says:

    Lindsey Stirling – Dragon Age

  • Mindjask says:

    1:25 kinda looked like Willow from Buffy for a second. >_>
    That aside, I adore the work you do, keep em coming! :D

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