Horses, screaming fans and an elegant watch

Horses, screaming fans and an elegant watch
As he moved about in the store — done in white with shelves and display cases of a deep, almost black, burgundy — guards kept his screaming fans, mostly teenage girls, at bay outside. When Mr. Peng left the store for a show jumping exhibition at the …
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Love in the Time of Monsters (2014)
Cynical sister prefers to get drunk and screw the hottest guy in the room, who happens to be Armando, a suave smooth talker who is all about the game. Then the performers, who happen to all dress up as Bigfoot, contract a zombie virus. Super-strength …
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Alice in Wonderland: the girl can't help it
“EVERYTHING'S got a moral, if only you can find it.” So insists the … Perhaps the moral is not to inhale the caterpillar's hookah smoke: the game of croquet is just a game of croquet; but the intoxicated Alice is no longer able to work out what's …
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