The Throwback Zone – A celebration of pop culture past

The Throwback Zone – A celebration of pop culture past
Video games. The heyday of Pong, a bat and ball game played on a console that came with a mahogany finish. In the arcades, 'coin-op' titles such as Space Invaders and Pac Man ruled. Music. The early 70s were what happened when the 60s turned sour and …
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Ladies, Are We Too Bitter to be Sensual?
Or, “Girl, PLEASE! These men are out here to get theirs and I am too! Last time I tried being somebody's Barbie doll/sex kitten he played me… Hell, the one after him too. He's glad if my hair is combed on the weekends now.” Then the camel's back broke …
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Kim Kardashian Isn't the Butt of Jokes Anymore
But back in 2007, she was just another half-Armenian Barbie doll with a handful of famous friends, a budding closet-organizing business, and some loose connections to the O.J. Simpson trial. Keeping Up with the … was not a luxury she could afford …
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