HOT GIRLS PEARLS – Body-Cooling Jewelry The Grommet team discovers HOT GIRLS PEARLS, cooling necklace for hot flash relief. A fashion…
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  • The Grommet says:

    We could not agree with you more.

  • ritag82 says:

    Im sorry ladies you may as well use an ice pack! Those are more than gaudy!

  • AKingZWldAQu33nZUnVZ says:

    These are very cool and very fashionable as well!

  • The Grommet says:

    Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate the differing views from
    our diverse community. We’ve actually found these pearls to be quite
    popular and I even have a pair myself that I use as my “go-to” necklace in
    the hot summer sun.

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