Best Shots Reviews: SECRET WARS #2, THOR #8

Best Shots Reviews: SECRET WARS #2, THOR #8
The Thunderer's identity is revealed at last in this issue as Thor, the Odinson and a smattering of Marvel's most recognizable female heroes team up to take down the Destroyer. … Secret Wars has only just begun, but I'm eager to see where Thor fits …
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Aaron Samuels actor says a 'Mean Girls' reunion is NEVER going to happen
While everyone from the Mean Girls cast is all "Hey, hey, hey! How are my best girlfriends?!" it seems that Aaron Samuels – who was once seen canoodling with Regina George at Chris Isen's Halloween party – doesn't want to talk about it. AT ALL. Hold on …
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You look just like your mom: Readers share lookalike photos
We enjoy riding bikes, playing games, especially Farkle and the Game of Life. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so we spend a lot of time together going to the Zoo and having ice cream. I am the Girl Scout leader for her troop! We get told quite a bit that she …
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