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I bought this game for my children several years ago on the advice of the owner of my favorite toy store. I love board games, and my children were 3 and 5 then, and just starting to enjoy them as well. Well, we couldn’t get the kids to stop playing Zingo. They played quietly for more than 2 hours. Since you can play with up to 8 players, we have had lots of neighborhood kids playing the game out on the front steps. Since then, I have bought at least 10 Zingo games — I have given them to all my children’s friends and I always keep a few around to give out for birthday gifts. Everyone loves this game.

 My son got this for his fourth birthday and still plays with it regularly (he’s now over 5). He’d just started to read when he got it, and the game helped him add many new words to his vocabulary – but more importantly, it was fun! His friends loved it so much that several of them asked for their own sets as gifts. We play until everyone wins and gets to shout Zingo!, and the kids help each other get there. And my son even plays it sometimes by himself. It’s really wonderful, very very fun, and would be great for kids from about 3 to at least 6.

This preschooler variation of the old favorite Bingo is a real winner.Zingo cards have a 3 by 3 grid that shows pictures and words. Cards have a yellow side (easier, for younger kids) and a red side for the odler ones. The plastic game piece dispenser is well-designed and fun to use. Players shout out to claim a piece, which is then placed over the appropriate square on the player’s card. There are several play variations.Excellent game for the younger set, and fun for older children and adults as well.

 My 4 yr old son received this game as a gift and he loves it. Basically it is Bingo with a twist, focusing more on sight words / images that kids can recognize. He loves playing with it, hands out the scorecards to anyone in our home who is willing to play.What amazes me, though, is that my 20 month old daughter also loves this game and she has learned so many words from it that we wouldn’t think to teach her. For instance, “ghost” “worm” “bug” “house”. She recognizes them, says them (without prompting) and then matches them on her scorecard. I’m not saying this to tout my kid — not at all, but because this has become a wonderful learning game for her.

The version of the game I have is actually by Discovery Toys, but I’m pretty sure its the same as this version by ThinkFun.

Zingo is a variant of Bingo (with a zing!). Zingo involves matching an image and word on a tile with a number of images on the zingo card. Image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction are the skills promised to be improved. On most of these points Zingo is successful.The zingo cards have images like a foot, cat, bat, and a cake in a 3 x 3 grid. The game comes with 8 double sided cards. There are two levels of play (red and green), one on each side of card. The “zinger” is a pre-loaded tile dispenser that is slid forward to reveal two tiles at a time. The first to call out the word on the desired tile gets to place that tile on their card, when the card is filled with tiles the game ends. One positive aspect of this game is that on each tile there is a picture of an object and the printed word, this helps associate the word with the picture for early readers. I also like the fact that all of the pieces fit into a fairly small box neatly and can be pretty portable. The length of time to play a full game is fairly short, 5-10 minutes. One unfavorable aspect of the game is that after you’ve played it a few times there is not a lot more to learn, and the amount of variation between games is low. The two game levels have more to do with how often the players are fighting to get the same pieces so this increases social difficulty rather than added game play difficulty. Reloading the zinger is also not a very fun process for kids, although it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

To summarize, Zingo is a good game, especially for 3-5 year olds. The manufacturer’s age recommendation is 4-8, but I think that kids beyond 6 will find the game boring. To deal with the wearisome aspects of the game when played too often, I recommend you play the game some, then put it away for awhile so it feels fresh again when you bring it back out. Considering the low price, it is definitely worth it to add it to your game closet.

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