Gossip Girl Board Game


Gossip Girl Board Game


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The Gossip Girl Board Game was reviewed by six customers who purchased the Gossip Girl Board Game.

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If you like gossip girl then this is a must have, its loads of fun. You should just go ahead and buy it.

 My friends an I encountered this game at a bar and fell in love. Now we have it to play all the time! Thanks for the quick delivery!

 AMAZING GAME!! Definitely worth every penny!!!LOTS of fun and even more for GG fans like me!!! 🙂 SO,BUY IT NOOOOW

 This was an early Christmas gift for one of my nieces who is in college and loves Gossip Girl, as do all her friends. She tells me they have played the game several times and they all had fun and loved it. She even brought the game home with her for Christmas. I’ve never watched Gossip Girl or played the game, but I think you can’t go wrong if you’re considering it as a gift for someone who is a fan of the show.
 This was a gift for my little sister, she is very happy with it. she loved it.

I am almost too obsessed with Gossip Girl, LOL but since Im 22 and the idea of a board game like this is no longer amusing I think this could be a fun drinking game. But for teenagers Im sure they would enjoy it anyway. I havent played yet but looking through everything the questions on the cards are entertaining and funny and Im sure most people that watch Gossip Girl will have done most of the never have I evers .

Conclusion Rating
Six of six customers who purchased the Gossip Girl Board Game rated this game as 5 star.

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